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Our jewellery is made from recycled paper! Read more..

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Meet our Ugandan artisans and read their stories!


22STARS jewellery is designed by Stella Romana Airoldi and handmade together with Ugandan artisans to empower them to rise above poverty.

Our artisans fled during the war with the LRA  from Northern Uganda to Kampala and face many challenges; many of them are illiterate, hiv positive and traumatized. 22STARS enables them to get their self respect back and earn a living for their families. Besides creating jewellery, we teach them small business skills to make them independent strong women and we help them where necessary.

The designs are inspired by Stella’s nomadic travels around the world and in particular her adventures in more then 20 countries in Africa. Each piece of jewellery is hand-crafted from 100% recycled paper by one of twenty-five 22STARS empowered women. We buy old posters and magazines, then the women cut the paper in triangle shapes of various sizes, roll them up, glue them and varnish them! Every bead is waterproof, shiny and hard. Once the beads are ready the designing starts! And then Stella finds a market for the jewellery in and outside of Uganda. So far we sell the jewellery in more then 10 countries world wide, and we are happy if you like to become a wholesaler as well.

Our product sales are fully reinvested in the social mission to empower families in Uganda. In addition part of our profit is directly donated to the FOUNDATION 22STARS, supporting over 150 children living in the Acholi Quarter slum in Kampala and Danida slum in Jinja with school fees, food, clothes and medicine. If you like to make a donation and help a child directly, please go to our foundation site.




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