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Aidah Wafula

Posted on by Stella Airoldi

Aidah Wafula is 40 years old and the beautiful wife of 22STARS ambassador Pastor David Wafula. She is a teacher by profession and has four children: Esther, Vicky, Samantha and Ethan. She loves working with children, women and young people, especially girls. Aida loves helping people and encouraging them. For 22STARS Aida meets with our designers and gives them support and counselling about issues that women don’t feel comfortable about to share with men in particular. Through her guidance, counselling and psychological support she helps them to solve problems and stay positive about the future. Aida is also a talented designer and passes her skills on to the other women. She started making the paper jewellery in 2004, when a client introduced her to the idea of making paper beads at the NGO where she was working, enabling women to start a small business. In her free time Aida likes to sing and to be surrounded by her kids and family. In 2014 Aidah moved to Jinja, so she is not as often around anymore in the Acholi Quarter but helping mainly the women in the Danida Slums in Jinja.

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Categories: Jinja Designers
Client: Aida Wafula