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Joy Nabikye

Posted on by Stella Airoldi

 Joy (28)  is born in East Uganda. She came to Jinja to look for work. She is married when she was 16 years old. She has two children: munusi lucky and nabulaga jalsi. Besides necklaces she is selling soap. Her husband is a bodaboda driver. Had once an accident. It’s a dangerous job. She want to school herself until primary 3. Schoolfees are a problem. Boda is not from her husband. She gets 5000 ugx a day. The rest is for owner. She wishes her husband could get a different job. Also for herself she would like to have a job with stable income. When she sells her soap, she walks a lot. She used to have two more children, but they died. First with 6 months and the second baby was one week old and got malaria. There was not enough car. Her husband is not a real father for the house, he has a weakness for other ladies, but divorce is not an option.

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Categories: Jinja Designers
Client: Joy Nabikye