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Mukisa Scovia

Posted on by Stella Airoldi

Mukisa Scovia (27 years old) was born in Kamoli District in Eastern Uganda. She is the wife of pastor Richard and came for ministering to Jinja. She has 6 children and came for ministering to Jinja. She was 16 years old herself when she got her first child and she has 6 children now, ranging from 5 to 12 years old. She never went to school, she had no chance for that, because her parents did not had any money. She cannot speak English like the most ladies cannot, and she does small scale jobs to earn money for the school fees. Her husband cannot provide alone for the school fees, as they are quite a lot for six children. Her favourite colour is pink.

Project Details:

Categories: Jinja Designers
Client: Mukisa Scovia