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Eva Nasula

Posted on by Stella Airoldi

Eva (26) became at a very young age an orphan. So when she was only 15 years old she got married and got her first child herself. She is still together with her husband and has five children with him; Samuel, Tumewaze, Kisashe, Mirjam, Tendo Luce and Suwi Daniel. She is also taking care of her brother and is pregnant from her sixth child. They all live together in a small two room house in the Danida slums of Jinja. This is one of the poorest neighbourhoods. Her husband is quite a while jobless, so she has to earn a living for the whole family which is very hard. By times there is no food on the family and the kids go to bed without having a meal. Eva was born in Jinja. She went to school up to primary 3 and speaks English, Luganda, Swahili and Lunyoli. Nasula is a fun lady, always smiling, and loves to wear her jewellery in a fun way.




Project Details:

Categories: Jinja Designers
Client: Nasula Eva