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AWITI + free bracelet

AWITI + free bracelet


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AWITI, the child that has been thrown away.

Disc shaped paper beads in different colours are combined with small paper beads in this beautiful chain necklace. Make a colourful statement with the Awiti necklace. Because we love you, this necklace comes with a matching bracelet. And it’s a WIN-WIN situation, you get a beautiful handcrafted piece of jewellery and our Ugandan artisans can give their kids a future and send them to school.

  • Handmade with love in Uganda
    map uganda SONY DSC Our 22STARS designers are talented Acholi women who survived the war in Northern Uganda. With every purchase you make an impact on their lives and help them getting a better future for their families. Our jewellery is thoughtfully handcrafted from 100% recycled paper and varnished with natural products. This makes each piece unique, lightweight, and waterproof. The paper beads are not painted, but become the colour of the paper used: therefore colour shadings, sizes and patterns can vary a bit from the picture shown.The story behind your jewellery does matter: read more about us on our website. Love. Share. Support.