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Sponsor a child

Our product sales from the jewellery are fully reinvested in the social mission to empower families in Uganda.In addition part of our profit is directly donated to the FOUNDATION 22STARS, supporting over 60 children living in the Acholi Quarter slum with school fees, food, clothes and medicine.

Many parents of the children benefit from the jewellery sale, however as they take care of many children -also of passed away family members-  the money they earn is not enough to support their extended families.  We do still encourage the families to take responsibiliy for their children, by for example letting them pay for an extra school sweater or plate, but the price of the school fees is just too much for people living in extreme poverty. Hence most  children would never go to school. We don’t want them to end up being illiterate like their parents are, but to study and make a difference also in their own community. We believe that if you educate a child, you potentially educate the whole nation! Therefore we started the Foundation 22STARS. Within one year we managed to find long term sponsors for 60 children. We regularly update the list with new children.  If you like to learn more about our program and support a child directly, please go to our foundation site.

If you like to directly support the children, please go to our foundation website: http://www.foundation22stars.org

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