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22STARS is on ETSY ! Shop our jewellery handmade in Uganda from recycled paper


Woohoo!! Finally 22STARS also has a shop on ETSY and we just sold our first product there! Please check it out! 🙂


22STARS is a Dutch initiative founded by Stella Romana Airoldi, who has a Masters Degree in Public International Law, Human Rights, and Democratization. In 2009, Stella visited Uganda to do research for her thesis about girl child soldiers within the Lord Resistance Army. That is how her love for the people of this country started. She interviewed women living in the Acholi Quarter of Kampala; a camp for internally displaced persons who fled from the war in Northern Uganda many years ago. Impressed by the artistic skills of the ladies to make beautiful jewellery out of recycled paper and fascinated by their stories, Stella decided to use her own creativity to help them design, market and sell their products on the international market. As 22STARS founder, Stella has a passion for fashion, a mind for business and a heart for the world!

Between 1988 and 2006, Joseph Kony terrorized Northern Uganda with his Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA), an armed rebel group consisting mainly of child soldiers. Today, the LRA is still active in neighboring countries. Many of our designers fled to Kampala to escape death during the Kony regime. They have lost family members, fought against HIV/Aids, had children at a very young age, and received little to no education. But they are all strong women. They are survivors who have overcome, have not let the horrors of their past rule their future, and who continue to support each other. They are truly inspiring for anyone who wants to reach for the stars. With our collections, 22STARS wants to bring you closer to your heart and show you the stars!

Through sharing their wares with the local and global market, our designers are able to provide their families with housing, education, food, and medical treatment. In addition, part of 22STARS’ profit is used for our educational programs. Both our artisans and their children receive English lessons, social support, health education, and learn about Income Generating Activities (IGA). We believe in the power of art to heal, and our programs seek to grow self-esteem through music, dance, and drama classes.

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