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22STARS teamed up with Unlock Hope!


22STARS teamed up with Unlock hope!

Pssst.... A very new special necklace is coming soon!!! On our search for special pendants we came across an amazing organization: UNLOCK HOPE (www.unlockhope.com) who empowers young girls in North Uganda!

They make beautiful key pendants in the shape of Africa to unlock hope! We teamed up with them and created two beautiful necklaces, one with a silver key and one with a gold key! Your purchase will have a double impact! Not only will you help the 22STARS ladies who make the paper necklaces,you will also support Unlock Hope who is helping through Think Humanity the girls in North Uganda in their pursuit of an education. When you buy an Unlock Hope Key you are helping to cover every single expense necessary for supporting these girls in their pursuit of an education.

Why a key necklace?

In Uganda children often wear a key on a string around their neck. They each have a small lock box to hold all of their belongings. When you wear your necklace you can think of the young girls in Africa who are wearing theirs and be reminded of the difference you are making. To unlock something means to make something previously in-accessible available for use. Hope is defined as a desire of good accompanied with a belief that is is obtainable. To a young refugee in Uganda hope is an education. Your purchases will support our 22STARS women and the Unlock Hope girls in every aspect of their lives??.



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