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Living the remote work dream

I love the ocean. I love the beach. I love the sun. That’s why you will usually see me posting pictures with my feet in the sand. I don’t sell drugs and I am not rich. I am not 10 times a year on holiday, but I live and work overseas and now and then I crush for a few weeks at my parents place to spend quality time with them.

The boring truth is that I am where I am because I worked hard for it and I chose this remote work lifestyle. Since 2010 I lived every six months in a different country because of my international law/ human rights studies and traineeships. I saw a lot of poverty and injustice and I never forgot about the women in Uganda who I interviewed in 2009 for my thesis about child soldiers within the Lord Resistance Army. This has been a direct incentive for me to establish 22STARS and help post war victims.

I am not bound to do this from one place. Therefore, I chose to have not a home at all anymore since last year. I am a couple of times a year in Uganda for 22STARS and the rest of the year I stay at different countries, preferably close to the ocean for at least one/few months. I book cheap flights/busses or boats, and my rent for a monthly accommodation is about a third I would have paid in for example Amsterdam.

I own three pair of shoes: my running shoes, boots and Flipflops. My clothes fit in my small 10 kg backpack and that is it. I don’t have a car, I don’t always go to fancy dinners and clubs, neither make expensive city trips or whatever. Not that anything is wrong with that, but I just chose different priorities in 2015.

I chose to drink the salty water from the ocean, have my naked feet in the sand and enjoy the stars at night. And yes sometimes-beautiful pictures come out of that and people will think that I am on a constant holiday.

Well if you like to know more about working remotely; like becoming a writer/ graphic designer/ webshop developer / translator / etc. or if you like to know more about working/living in Africa and about 22STARS, I am more then happy to schedule a free coaching session / coffee date of 30 minutes with you on Skype (max. 10 persons). Just write me a PM with your motivation, your goals and expectations.

I really hope that we all have a great start of 2016. heart emoticon

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