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Africa is calling! New adventures are coming up

Wahh feels like my plans/destinations change by the day given certain situations that are out of my control. Sometimes very frustrating to constantly adapt etc. But finally got some good news: Africa is still calling!

New adventures are coming up..! So they are going to be slightly different then planned… Just like always I have to go with the flow.

On the 18th of February elections are taken place in Uganda and I was supposed to arrive that day with my mom.., some people told me all would be fine as long as I would hide first days in small remote village, take enough water with me, canned food and games and books in case I would get bored. But now lately I got more warnings not to go there now as it could get too dangerous etc. I am praying for my friends, my designers and whole Uganda that all will go well and I am following the elections closely.

Since I wanna show my mom where my designers live (in the slums) and want her to feel safe (so far I have felt the most safe in Uganda from all african countries) I decided to rather take less risk and postpone the trip a bit untill the country situation is completely safe again. My mom luckily could arrange that she still can come 10-20 of March to Uganda; will be her first time in Africa and I am super stoked to introduce her to the 22STARS designers and show her the project.

However, I have to be earlier then that in Uganda… So I will fly now first to Tanzania.. Soon more about that!!



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