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Apple store in Jericoacoara in Brasil?! Of course not!

Being in a small isolated beach village is great; it is amazingly beautiful and peaceful. But then when it comes to work it is not so great. My Apple Air Laptop Charger broke when it got overpowered in a power plug.

Since I am not on vacation, but a WORKation, my laptop is super important to me.. So I needed to find a new charger, not as easy as I thought. I was not able to find one in Fortaleza, neither in Salvador and not to mention Jeri itself. Thank god after asking 20 people if I could borrow their charger I finally found a person who had the same old model as me. Thanks a lot Rebekka!

Then my online search started…leading to nowhere. Shipping would have taken 3 weeks at least.  So thank god my friend Roland who just arrived in Jeri was in Rio before, where he went to four different shops to finally find my charger (old model). Thanks so much Roland!!!

Yes, back in business!! Santa Claus came early this year to Jeri! ???New sunglasses, flipflops and most importantly a new Apple Air Laptop charger!! Woohoo!



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