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Christmas in the Acholi Quarter in Kampala

Christmas is the time of giving.

As a suprise we brought the ladies in the Acholi Quarter some extra food today for them and their family. Thank you Aidah for bringing the food and taking the picture for us!! It is great to see the ladies so happy with the support they got from everyone, either by buying their jewellery, making a donation or just reading and sharing their story.

Most of our designers went during the Xmas days back to Gulu in Northern Uganda to spend time with their family. A few stayed in the Acholi Quarters and celebrated christmas here. It is not with many gifts like we do in Europe, there is no money for that. But the women are still thankfull to sit together with their family, go to church and share their food with each other. It is the time of the year to look back at 2015 and take good things with you to 2016 and prepare for the new year.

It is the time of giving, and I want to thank again everyone who so far donated to our www.gofundme.com/22starskids programm and of course u can still donate and read updates there.


Let’s make 2016 a big success!

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