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Achayo Nancy

Posted on by Francesca Giovannini

Achayo Nancy was born on 5th December 1994 in Koch Goma and she is has been living in the Acholi Quarter for the past 9 years. She was very young when the LRA arrived to her village, but her mother protected her by hiding her in the bush and saved her life.
She was also very young when she got married and she was forced to abort one time, as her husband did not want her to have another girl.
Nancy has been really traumatized by this experince. She now lives with her husband and their 2 kids. One of them, Elizabeth, is sponsored by 22STARS.
Nancy does not have any other income besides making jewelry but thanks to the program is now able to earn some money to buy some food and clothes for herself and her kids.

Nancy’s inspirational quote: “If I could give anyone an advice that would be: don’t get married at a early age! You won’t be ready to take care of your children nor think about getting a real job or preparing your future and your children’s future”

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Categories: Acholi Quarter Designers
Client: Achayo Nancy