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Amolo Stella

Posted on by Francesca Giovannini

Amolo Stella was born on 6th April 1986 in Lapono Agago and she has been living in Acholi for 7 years. When the LRA conflict began they put 96 people in a home and killed them, but she could escape. She is living with her husband and she has five kids. Four of them are sponsored by the 22 Stars (Prisca, Joshua, Flavia and Elizabeth). She is part of the 22 Stars jewelry program and she has now started a small bar with the money she saved. She dreams of getting a bigger house for her children and continue paying their school fees so that they can have a better future and a better life.

Stella’s inspirational quote: “Families should stick together and be strong, you know. One of my daughters, Elizabeth, was sick very recently and she had to do a surgery. Thanks to 22 Stars she was able to do it, as someone (Stefanie) paid for it. Now Elizabeth is fine and recovered and I can continue working to give all my children a better future”.

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Categories: Acholi Quarter Designers
Client: Amolo Stella