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Anena Beatrice

Posted on by Francesca Giovannini

Anena Beatrice was born on 10th October 1968 in Gulu Pece and she has been living in the Acholi Quarter for 17 years.
She had 8 kids, but three of them died, one was killed while she was running away from the LRA and the other two died malaria.
She is now a widow because her husband died of HIV (she is also HIV positive).
Four of her children are sponsored by 22STARS and she is now part of the jewelry program. Besides the jewellery she sells pest and she is part of the businness program. She is now able to provide food for her family,  buy school materials for her kids and was also able to build her own house.
She dreams of providing her children with a better future and also be able to take care of her HIV and live longer.

Beatrice’s inspirational quote:  “I dream about living in a place where I can take care of my children properly and also take care of my HIV so I can live longer.”


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Categories: Acholi Quarter Designers
Client: Anena Beatrice