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Asayo Odyak Beatrice

Posted on by Francesca Giovannini

Asayo Beatrice was born on 25th December 1977 in Dokolo Lira and she has been living in the Acholi quarter for 10 years. Beatrice lost all her brothers and sisters to the LRA and their homes were destroyed, but she managed to escape to Kampala and survived.  She is still married with her husband but they do not have a good relationship because he often goes with other women.
She has been diagnosed with gonorrhea, and has to take care of her own 5 kids and 4 other children. Two of them, Moses and Marita, are sponsored by the 22STARS foundation. Besides making jewelry Beatrice sells mobile items.
She has now managed to earn enough money to be able to buy food and medications to cure her disease.
She now dreams of a better future for her kids and of getting a new house.

Beatrice’s inspirational quote: “I really want to give my children a better life and a better future and I hope I can continue buying food and medications for myself. I also hope to be able to buy my own house not having to pay for a rented one”.




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Categories: Acholi Quarter Designers
Client: Asayo Odyak Beatrice