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Posted on by Stella Airoldi

Meet our Jinja designer MAGRET (55). Magret was a bit shy when I met her first, as she doesn’t speak English and I don’t speak any of the four languages that she speaks: Lulu, Luganda, Lusaka and Swahili. But our translator did a great job in helping us understand each other. Margret told me that she was born in Pida, in the West-Nile region in Uganda and grew up in Jinja. She never went to school, as her parents didn’t had money for education. To earn a living Margret started selling charcoal and making jewellery out of recycled paper. Margret had to raise her two children alone, because her husband died many years ago. Now they are grown up and she stays with them in one house and they look after her. For the future Margret hopes to make enough money so that she also can help paying for the education of her grandchildren. Margret is very thankful that she can start making more jewellery for 22stars and she hopes that the market will keep growing.

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