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Auma Hellen

Posted on by Francesca Giovannini

Auma Hellen was born on 9th January 1981 in Kitgum Pakabule and she has been living in the Acholi quarters for almost 19 years. During the LRA conflict, both her parents were abducted and killed and that’s why she moved to Kampala. She is now living with her husband but she is mistreated by him, and he doesn’t pay the school nor helps her with their 8 kids. At the moment, just only one of them, Fiona, is sponsored by the Foundation 22STARS.
Besides making jewelry, Hellen sells cereals at the market, and she has been able to make enough money to take care of her kids and start a new business.

Hellen’s inspirational quote: “I advice all the ladies to stay strong and stick together because nothing lasts forever and there is time for everything, you just have to be strong and patient.”

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Categories: Acholi Quarter Designers
Client: Auma Hellen