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Evelyn Adero

Posted on by Stella Airoldi

Evelyn joined 22STARS in October 2014. She has two kids to take care of. Like the other ladies she has no phone number or email address, but she does speak English and is very smart. Besides making jewellery for 22STARS she is in a local support program from which  helps her a little bit. Evelyn became an orphan at a very young age. She has a husband, who pays the rent of the house. During the summer/autumn season Evelyn also sells vegetables at the local market. But in the winter there is no food she can sell and she has a hard time in putting food on the table for her kids. Evelyn is super grateful that we are paying the school fees of her two daughters. She dreams of also going back to school herself. She hopes that the making of the jewellery designs will help her achieve her goal.

Project Details:

Client: Evelyn Adero