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Genowere Lidia

Posted on by Stella Airoldi


Genowere Lidia (44 years old) was born in Tororo in Eastern Uganda. She went with her husband to Jinja to look for a job in 2002. She speaks English, Luganda, Luo and Jap. She used to be a housemaid for many years, and now she is a teacher at a primary school. She got divorced from her husband in 2005 and has 7 children to take care of. She adopted four children, because two were orphans and from the other two the mother could not take care of them. She also has 3 grandsons. Lidia told as her little secret, namely that she is actually tired of teaching and would love to resign and focus on that vision that she has. She is namely trying to work on a ministry for children. Her dream is since 20 years to open a children’s center where they can come, play and read the bible. Her favourite colour is pink.

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Client: Genowere Lidia