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Margaret Lakot

Posted on by Stella Airoldi

Margaret (54) became a widow when her children were still very young. To earn a living she was working long days in the stone quarry; crashing stones and selling one jerry can full with stones for not more then 300 shilling. If she worked from sunrise to sunset she would be able to have about 5 jerry cans full, just barely enough to put food on the table. Margrate was born in Kitgum in Northern Uganda and came to Acholi Quarter in 1995 when her husband died of Aids and everyone run away from the LRA. The LRA killed her brothers, sisters, uncles and also her parents. When she came to Acholi Quarter she went to Reach Out and found out that she was HIV positive. Margrete has five children and takes also care of one of the boys of her daughter in law. Her oldest son is 24, but as he was recently in a boda boda (motorcycle) accident, he cannot support her and the kids. Margrate is very happy that we got her out of stone quarrying and teached her how to make jewellery from recycled paper. She is grateful to be part of the 22STARS team and loves to make jewellery.

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Client: Margaret Lakot