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Ojiru Santina

Posted on by Francesca Giovannini

Ojiru Santina was born on 31st January 1998 in a place called Arua Ivu. She moved to Acholi quarters 5 years ago and now she is living with her husband. At first she had a lot of troubles as her stepfather did not want to send her daughter Winnie to school, and when the foundation 22STARS intervened to offer a sponsorship he did not accept. However after a long negotiation he accepted the help and now two of their children are being sponsored (Esther and Winnie).
Besides making jewelry in the 22STARS program Santina also sells rice and cakes to the children and help their parents at home.
She has enrolled in the 22STARS business program thanks to which she has recently started her own business. She now dreams of getting a better home for her family and she wishes that her husband changes so that they can educate their kids better and with more support.

Santina’s inspirational quote: “Thanks to the 22STARS jewelry program, business program and the sponsorship program for two of my kids, I could start my own business and help other people, as well as start dreaming of a better future for my kids.”


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Client: Ojiru Santina