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Oroma Scovia

Posted on by Stella Airoldi

Oroma is 18 years old and joined 22STARS in October 2014. Oroma is born in Jinja, but speaks Acholi, since her parents came from the North of Uganda. She became an orphan when she was only 3 years old.  Her mother got sick and her father died because of a car accident. Oroma’s brother married the daughter of Alum Kevin, so Alum decided to take careof Oroma and that is how she came to the Acholi Quarters. Oroma got her first kid with 15 and her third one in 2016. Oroma went back to Jinja with her baby, but ones to come back to Kampala next year. She dreams of opening  a hair saloon and she wants to continue making jewellery for 22STARS since she loves doing that. She is very grateful that we are paying the school fees of her son.

Project Details:

Client: Oroma Scovia