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Posted on by Stella Airoldi

Rosemary (49) is born in Lira in Northern Uganda. She moved to Jinja in the ‘80’s because of the war in the North with the Lord Resistance Army of Kony. She lived first in Kampala with her uncle, and then she moved to Jinja. Her husband passed away in 2007. She is living with her 5 kids in the age of 28, 21, 19, 15 and 13. To earn a living Rosemary is selling souvenirs in a small store in Jinja. She pays with the money she earns the school fees and university of her children. Besides bags and jewellery Rosemary also sells clothes, dolls, paintings, cards and more things. While I was sitting there interviewing Rosemary even a few Ugandans came in to buy water from her. No, not water in bottles, but in little plastic bags. Rosemary is really very creative in making an income. In 2004 she learned how to make paper beads and she loves making in particular bags and clutches. Rosemary is running the business all alone, so she has to do a lot of things. With 5 kids it is by times a challenge for her to earn enough money for food, schoolfees, housing, etc, therefore she is very grateful that we are buying many of her clutches and bags.

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Client: Rosemary