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Stella Lanyero

Posted on by Stella Airoldi

Stella is an outgoing 29-year old who has three boys: Emanuel (10), Lawrence (7) and Joel (4). She is very grateful that her prayers were answered and that she was given the chance to work for 22STARS. Stella joined us in October 2012. Stella was born in the Kitgum district in the North of Uganda. Because of the war she could not afford to go to school and speaks almost no English. She divorced her husband, because he was an alcoholic, didn’t work, and didn’t care for his family. Because Stella is uneducated and has  three children, she started making paper jewellery in her home. She moved to the Acholi Quarters with Alum Kevin.  Since the market in Uganda is small she still had difficulties in paying rent, food and school fees. She is very happy that we are paying the school fees of her two sons. Her biggest hobby is dancing, which we were able to see! Stella is our dancing queen and teaches the other women her nice dance moves. As Stella doesn’t know her birthdate, she asked me (Stella Airoldi, the founder of 22STARS) to celebrate our birthday together on my birth date – 11July – as we both have the same name and we are both born in 1985.

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Client: Stella Lanyero