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Susan Laker

Posted on by Stella Airoldi

With her intelligence, humour and passion, Susan soon became our team leader. She teaches the other ladies how to make paper beads and string them into jewellery. She oversees the production and quality of our products. Susan, who is 33, lives with her three children, Derick (20), Peace (17) and Masika Dorita (15), on the top of a hill with a beautiful view over the Acholi Quarter.Susan was born in Northern Uganda and has lived most of her life in Gulu where her mother is still living. She ran to Kampala with her family the  night that their village was attacked by the rebels. Susan’s mom used to own 11 houses in the villages which she rented out. However 9 of them were burned down. The rebels killed most neighbours. Susan’s first husband, a soldier, died in 1999. Her second husband went to Somalia in 2007 with the peacekeeping force and never returned. During that period Susan became so sick and stressed, that her sister Alice Atim took her to the hospital in Kampala. There she was diagnosed with HIV, cancer and tuberculosis. She was put on medication and after a year she was cancer free. She still has to take Anti Viral Medicine against aids, which is only effective if she looks after herself and gets healthy nutrition. Susan moved to the Acholi Quarter in 2008 and worked in the stern quarry which was not good for her health. Susan had to be creative in making a living for herself and her three children. Since she was stigmatized as an HIV patient and has to look after her children she searched for something she could do from her home. Susan learned how to make paper beads and quickly improved her skills and techniques making beautiful jewellery. She started earning money and was able to improve her situation. Susan always stayed strong and positive because of her children. She loves helping and motivating other women who are less fortunate than herself and has many friends. She is extremely  grateful that we are paying the school fees of her three children.


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Client: Susan Laker