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Teddy Oyella

Posted on by Stella Airoldi

Teddy (33) was born in Kitgum in Northern Uganda. She came during war time to Acholi Quarter to look for shelter as most of her family and people she know got killed by the LRA or were abducted. She came here in 1995 when she was 13 years old. Her mother stayed in village and her dad was killed. One day the LRA came home and abducted two of her brothers. They managed to escape and hided in the bush. However as revenge the LRA came back and burned down their houses. Teddy has 4 children; one died as a baby and was only one day old. In western society this baby probably would have still been alive, but as medical care in Uganda is not always the best a small infection caused this baby to die. Teddy has two daughters: Gloria (14) and Marcy (9), who are sponsored by our 22STARS supporters, their father died because of Aids. Teddy is also HIV positive and feels guilty of this, but still shares her status in public. She does not regret telling everyone in public. She first came out in church and met at this occasion her new husband who was of the same status. Together they give hope to other people living with HIV/Aids by sharing their story. Teddy’s new husband is taking care of their new baby, but can’t support her girls financially as they are from Teddy’s first marriage and they have hardly enough money to feed the family. Teddy and her family are so happy that we took that burden away from them and are financing their two daughters. This restored their hope to achieve the best for their dreams. Teddy is grateful that she got a chance to make jewellery for 22STARS with the money she earns she can bring food on the table for her children, pay medical fees and housing.

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Client: Teddy Oyella