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happy halloween!!

happy halloween!!

I am wearing tonight one of my new necklaces and rings!!!

Today is 31 October, which marks the end of the Celtic Year. As the start of Winter, it also symbolizes the cycle of life. It is a perfect moment to look back at your life, let go of the past and prepare for a new beginning.

Keep an eye on our website and instagram, soon the new collection of 22STARS jewellery will be online and we will start with a giveaway! The perfect gift for Christmas plus you make an impact with every purchase you make! ❤️

//22stars.com jewellery is handmade from recycled paper by women in Uganda who survived the war in the North and live now in the Acholi Quarter of Kampala! Besides the women in Kampala we started with a second group of designers who live in one of the poorest areas of Jinja in East Uganda.

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