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How I celebrate X-mas this year and why

This year I made the choice to skip X-mas and not celebrate it with my family for the first time.


I just wanted to find a quite place.

I celebrated for 26 years x-mas with a person that was closer to me then anyone else. 5 years ago it was the last time. Not seen my mate ever since. Since 3 years all contact has been broken, also with me without any direct reason.

It has been hard to give it a place and I struggle with it by times. I want to help, but my attempts let only to anger, frustration and questions on my side as the situation is complex.

I recently met many people who are also not at home for X-mas for various reasons. It’s interesting to hear everyones story. There is so much more behind a face then we think.

Three weeks ago I had no idea where I would go and what I was going to do. But now I find myself still being in Jericoacoara, this little isolated beach village in the North of Brasil that is full with sand. I love the calmness of this place.

It is the perfect spot to remember good memories, clean up bullshit and get ready for the new year with a clean sheet!

In 2015 I was surrounded by beautiful people, starting the 1st of January with my EMA friends and best Dutch friends. Later on I met many people who have been very important to me. They showed me how I can transform my energy and find love in myself and in other people.

I am thankfull for the support both my parents gave me and I am looking forward to see them soon and spend more quality time together.

Where and with whom are u celebrating X-mas this year? Wherever it is, I wish you all a merry xmas and don’t forget to trust in your dreams. If you work towards them, then one day they will become reality! 

In the picture you see me at home with my bambinos two years ago. 


X-mas eve in Jeri!



Pinacolada, life music and a beautiful sunset!! After that I had a casual xmas bbq in the Tirol hostel with about 20 people who I know from Capetown/Tarifa/the boat. Most of those people travel all the time alone and prefer to stay in one place for a few weeks/months to get their stuff done. Funny how kitesurfing connects all the remote/flexible workers and we bump into each other on beautiful kitespots all over the world. 


Screen Shot 2016-01-19 at 5.58.45 PM

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