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Kids collection 2014 sneak preview

Kids collection 2014 sneak preview

No more worries that your little darlings grab your very much-loved, carefully stored items from your jewellery box and run away with your necklaces and bracelets. While imitation can be very flattering and cute, it can be hard to see your 22STARS necklace being played with and possibly getting damaged. So we created a little line for the little ones themselves! The paper beads are very light in weight and strung on a strong metal spiral so they can survive some knocking about.

Now the kids can have their own style, collect their personal pieces and define themselves. It is all about adventure, creativity and the nostalgia it gives to parents when giving their child the same kind of bracelet they used to have as child. We took inspiration from toys for kitsch and fun styles and followed the latest trends. We chose brightly coloured beads, animal symbols, dreamy pendants for a fairytale like feeling, letters to spell their names and make friendship bracelets. The perfect gift!

kids stardust

For the sources of the pictures used in the moodboard, have a look at our PINTEREST boards.

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