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Kitesurfing in Jericoacoara in Brasil

Feeling alive and kicking! ?

During my first kite session here in Jeri I was wearing only a bikini..? So I was more busy holding the kite with one hand and holding my panties up with the other… As I did not want to fly all naked through the air…

But of course at one point the wind got stronger and I was overpowered, lost my board and the control over my kite and was flying twice uncontrollably through the air with two not so nice landings. For a second I thought I would drawn in the ocean and stop kiting. But the next second I knew I would go on.?

So I bought those butterfly pants and today I had a really good kite-session, way more relaxed and not flying around. But I am drinking still lots of ocean water, since I am still a beginner..??


How I spend X-mas this year? On a kiteboard!

Went kiting today, will go kiting tomorrow and the day after and after smile emoticon I love the sand under my feet, the taste of salty water on my lips, being surrounded by the ocean, sun in my face and pulled by the wind! Kiting feels like a long meditation. No thoughts no worries. Just love it! Merry xmas to you all! ??


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