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Launch of Spring Summer Collection 2013


Launch of Spring Summer collection 2013: Rising star

We are happy to present to you our very first collection! We are working very hard to get the webshop online. In the meantime we will start selling our jewellery at small events and you can invite us to show them at a jewellery party at your home! Send an email to info@22stars.com.
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The RISING STAR- Spring/Summer collection 2013 is made from 100% recycled paper and has many beautiful pieces that can be mixed and matched with each other. Our 22STARS brand name label is attached to all our necklaces and bracelets and stands for power, success, love and protection. We want you to follow your heart and reach for your dreams!

Our jewellery consists of bracelets, earrings and many classic Ugandan necklaces in different colour shades that can be worn in multiple ways. The beads are environmental friendly, light in weight, comfortable, and waterproof. They are not painted, but become the colour of the paper used. We love colours and in particular combining them. Most of us have no idea the impact colour has on our lives. In the product descriptions you can read the meaning behind each colour. All pieces have beautiful African boy/girl names with a special meaning behind it.

Behind the scenes: Fast Surfdorp

Above you see a picture collage of Photoshoot for the Rising Star Collection. On our team were: photographer Marc De Wit, model Lianne Schulte, make-up artist Mickey Dalmeijer and the styling was done by Stella Airoldi. We were able to shoot some briljant pictures between caravans, motorcycles and the workshop.

This photoshoot took place in Fast Surfdorp in Scheveningen, this is not just a little bar with a surfshop. This location also provides opportunities for artists initiatives, has a campingsite and an open air theatre. Our 22STARS team can occasionally be found here, to have a drink and chat, and maybe catch a wave on a surfboard.

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