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Stardust - Spring/Summer Collection 2014



Our Spring/Summer collection 2014 is called STARDUST. This refers not only to a cluster of stars too distant to be seen individually, resembling a dimly luminous cloud of dust. But it is also a magical quality of feeling. A feeling that I sense when I travel. Our Stardust collection is inspired by a girl and boy who travel.

When I travel I follow my heart. I love to meet strangers and embrace the unknown. I don’t have a plan and don”t look for new landscapes neither answers. I live in the moment and get rid of labels. I lose control and I grow. I come back with new eyes and inspiration. These are to be found in the designs of the 22STARS collection. Discover our new colourful jewellery that captures this magical feeling!

I took inspiration for our collection from sandy beaches, ocean blue green waters, colourful houses, flowers, the people I met, the festivals I went to and all other beautiful things that nature gave us to enjoy. Spice up your jewellery with our beautiful charms that embrace the essence of spring of summer. Tiny seashells, boats, flowers, hearts, dolphins and inspiring texts that let you dream away!

22STARS jewellery is made from 100% recycled paper and therefore super light in weight, comfortable and perfect to take with you on your journey. Combine as many necklaces and bracelets as you want. Make a statement, steal the attention and fascinate the mind.





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