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Make the difference!

Makethediff is a Dutch brand that has a blog and sells items for people that make a difference.  Last summer I got a makethediff sweater from Mark, who thinks that I really make a difference with my 22STARS jewellery.  I took the sweater with me to Uganda, where I gave it to the son of my main 22stars designer Susan; he was soooo happy with it.

Susan got her son when she was only 13 years old (!) and after she had to flee from Gulu in Northern Uganda because of the war with the LRA. They both live since years now in the Acholi Quarter in Uganda.

Thanks again Mark for the sweater, and guys check out the blog of makethediff and their sweaters. Makethediff is the home base for adventures people that want to make a difference to the world! I love their project! ? ????

Check out www.makethediff.com




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