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Meet our designer from the Acholi Quarter Lucy

Lucy (50) was born in Gulu, in Northern Uganda.

Like many of our designers Lucy was directly affected by the LRA and war. She could not finish her school, because life in her village became very hard. Luckily her uncle was working for the Ugandan Airlines and got her a job there. She moved to Kampala and worked for that company for about 16 years. Then she became unemployed and could not find a new job.

Lucy had some savings, which she used to live from the first years. But she did not wanted to sit home and do nothing, so she decided that she rather wants to volunteer and help other people. So she started singing in a church choir and became a volunteer for reach out.

It is so important to feel useful and do something meaningful, she says.

“Being unemployed and not finding a new job is horrible.”

Because Lucy could not afford the high rent in her old area, she moved to the Acholi Quarters to live with her sisters. She is living here now since two years and started learning how to make jewellery from recycled paper to make a living. She is a single mother of two children and needs the money to pay the school fees for her kids. She hopes that the market will grow and looks forward to see her children having a good future.

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