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For him: the men’s bracelets

bracelets men paper beads

Already a trend in 2013 now a MUST in 2014: the men’s bracelets

So you thought jewellery was only for women and men should keep things conservative only wearing a watch and a ring? Boy were you wrong! These days men can wear all sorts of jewellery like pendants, bracelets or rings. However… it is very important that a man knows how to make the right statement with his accessories. Is it for a formal occasion or a more casual situation? With our bracelets you can go both ways! Inspired by a man who travels: not to seek new landscapes, but to have new eyes! All our bracelets are handmade from recycled paper in a socially responsible way. They are unique, light in weight, comfortable and waterproof!

Just like our rocker friends you can afford to stack on a few. It is all about balancing the colours right. So neutrals pair perfectly with bright colours. Go ahead and mix our paper bead bracelets with your bracelets made from other materials and even with your watch! Mixing and matching, however, is not only for the bracelets themselves. Of course they work with summer’s sun-faded T-shirts and cutoff shorts, but try them also with your suit! The unexpected contrast makes this combo a subtle way to relax a tight business dress code. Let’s face it, these days the distinction between formal and informal is not more than a distant memory..

Psssssst… they are already online!! Next week with the model pics.. so stay tuned!

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