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My last days in Rio with the Digital Nomads

 I wasn’t here for the city, but the people.

I watched the local people sitting on the beach and streets, celebrating the new year, catched up with my old Brazilian/Spanish friends, my ‘digital nomad’ friends and made many new friends; from which a few really will stay in my heart.

The term ‘digital nomad’ was prominent present the last weeks. It has a kind of strange vibe, associated with a 4hour work week mentality and doing any kind of job for the sake of continuing traveling to cheap places. Perhaps true for some/many people (don’t know any numbers) However many of the location independent people that I connected with don’t have this mentality at all.

Their background stories and way of living differ so much from each other that actually not one term could really cover their way of life.

I am thankful to have met them. And I am happy that thanks to such a ‘digital nomad’ community it is easier to connect with like minded people who have the same vision and goals, share stories, learn and grow.? ?

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