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New online retailer: www.stad.nl

stad nl

22STARS is at stad.nl

Stad.nl is a Dutch webshop (language is Dutch) and is the new online virtual shopping city with charming streets full of authentic web shops.

Stad.nl puts every product in context and tells its story. Many small stores remain unknown to a lot of people. Stad.nl serves as a marketing and e-commerce platform; they make those shops easier to find. By joining forces and offering small web shops their own stage, they can enter the market as a collective. They also put more emphasis on the entrepreneur behind the store; the Internet has become impersonal and aloof because of all those price comparison websites. They want to bring back the personal interaction, like with real-time shopping. Therefore, they made Stad.nl very visual- the platform looks like a real shopping center where you can ‘enter’ shops and they all have a different appearance.

Well go and check it out yourself at www.stad.nl !


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