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Digital Nomad Cruise from Las Palmas to Brasil

With a bunch of 150+ digital nomads  I went on an all inclusive relocation cruise from Spain to Brasil! As it was a relocation one, it was super cheap and there were no stops, but the food and drinks and people were just amazing. Coworking/workshops/conferences and of course a lot of fun! I met many cool people who are also traveling alone and shared their inspiring stories with me! 

The 8 days on the Cruise went so fast! Cannot describe in any words really how cool it was; it was a relocation cruise that costed only 150 euro including food/drinks etc. crazy! since we did not made any stops with the cruise, but were only on the ocean there were way less people on board then usually would have been the case. As u normally would expect on a cruise, there were hardly any families or retired people. Besides the digital nomads there was a bunch of hippies, Brazilians and other inspiring free minded people. The whole vibe was so loving and caring, just wonderful. I saw everyone walking around with a big smile the whole day. The first days I was working, eating and sleeping a lot. Really needed some time to adapt being on the sea etc, but the last days I spend most hours at the pool, chatting to people, dancing to samba, reading books and drinking pinacolada. Now i am since a day in Salvador, and our group is getting smaller and smaller, but still bumping into a lot of nomads and teaming up with a few people to continue travelling. We finally have internet, but it is so slow… Don’t know what is worse no internet or slow internet.. Let’s hope i at least can make this post without waiting another 10 minutes :p 

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