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Our recycled paper jewellery after swimming in the sea

And this is how my 22stars bracelets look like after a month of swimmig and kitesurfing in the sea…

As you can see they are really made from recycled paper. They are waterproof.. But all the kitesurf action was a bit too much for them I guess… Haha.. So I would say waterproof to a certain extent..???

To make this jewellery our designers buy first recycled paper. Then they use a pencil and ruler to measure the paper and mark it up. They cut out pieces in a triangular shape. A bit of glue is put on top of the triangle and then the paper is rolled up around a needle. It needs a lot of practice to master this procedure the process to ensure symmetry in the beads is very time consuming. To make paper beads with different shapes the designers vary the size and shape of the paper triangle: the colour combinations and sizes achievable are endless!

When they have a whole string with paper beads together they vanish them a few times to make them waterproof and shiny. Once the beads are ready, they are beaded together with different colour glass beads creating beautiful designs. ❤️

And this is how I look like after a day (more then a week actually) of every day kiting… Chilling in the hammock and having a hard time getting in out, cause of the muscle pain. Haha.But so happy that I am finally on the board riding up and down ????????❤️?☀️??

Screen Shot 2016-01-19 at 6.26.15 PM

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