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Our CLASSIC STAR collection consist of unique items that never get old, they are must-have items that make your outfits complete!

22STARS places utmost importance on high quality. Our jewellery is super light in weight, waterproof and comfortable to wear. It is sustainable and you will wear our products for years. Above all we care that all 22STARS items are fabricated in a socially responsible manner that is friendly to the environment and gives back! All 22STARS products are handmade from 100% recycled paper by Acholi women who survived the war in Northern Uganda. By purchasing our jewellery you make an impact on their lives and help them getting a better future for their families. In addition you also help children in need. For every product that you purchase we make directly a donation to the FOUNDATION 22STARS, to provide essentials such as a meal, pens, clothes and dental care to children in need.

1 pair of earrings = 5 pencils
1 bracelet = 1 dental care
1 clutch = 1 set of clothes
1 neckalce = 5 meals

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