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Black and gold.

  • Description

    Product Description

    This collection is designed by Stella and inspired by her travels through Africa. The brass beads and charms are handmade by local artist in West Africa. The other beads are made by recycled paper by the 22STARS artisans in Uganda.

    With every purchase the women artisans are empowered, and part of the profit goes to our Foundation 22STARS, supporting the whole community where the artisan lives. Besides the money for her products she also receives education, social support, becomes part of a saving group and receives small business trainings.


    Our products are handmade from recycled paper by talented artisans in Uganda whose name card with picture comes with the piece you purchase. With every item sold we provide pencils, dental care, meals or clothes to a child in need. Join us and make an impact!

    • · Hand made from 100 % recycled paper
    • · Varnished with natural products
    • · Waterproof
    • · Light in weight
    • · Comes with a unique card of the artisan who made it
    • · Empowers our artisans in Uganda to rise above poverty
    • · One item provides dental care, pencils, clothes or meals to a child in need

    How your purchase helps children

    Every product you purchase is attached to a specific and tangible aid to children from the 22STARS foundation. We send them every three months the total amount of money that is received through the purchases and the number of items that can be bought. Like dental care, pencils, meals and clothes. Very often the children lack access to these things, since they can simply not afford it. Please have a look at the children that we support at our 22STARS foundation website.

    Say hello to the person who made your product!

    Have a look at our artisan page and read the story of the woman who made your product. Feel free to send her a message and picture of you wearing her jewellery piece. Also, if you happen to be in Uganda, please come to our projects. We assure you that our artisans will love to meet you and show you how to make beads from recycled paper.