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Running around the beautiful hills of Kampala

Yeah after 2 weeks I still kept up with running almost every day at least 6 km!??? These are some pics of the area where I live. Very different from my last place Tarifa… The air is quite polluted, so after todays 8km run I felt sick for an hour. But at least I can say that every run here has been quite interesting. During the day it is extremely hot and at 19.00 pm it is already completely dark!! And with dark I really mean DARK! No street lights or whatsoever.. Only some shop/street-food owners have some candles at their market.

So after 19.00 I had to run around with my torch: not only to avoid the holes in the street, but also to not get hit by a boda boda.. Nehh running here at night is really not a great idea. Although I am not the only one who is running on the streets when it gets dark.. Many workers cannot afford a car or bus or so and also just walk/run around. So far only one person (on a boda boda) tried to rob me without success. Basically walking around here till 20.00 should be pretty safe. But well I think I will switch my routine and start from now on with morning runs!! 🙂 Also then at least I can see better the beautiful city. Kampala is build on 7 hills, so the views from top of the hills are truly amazing!



2015-10-06 22.31.32-1

2015-10-06 22.36.45-1


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