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Running the hills of Kampala and riding on boda boda’s

I really love running around! In that way you can explore so much more from the area where you live. Running in streets where you otherwise never would go. This little street is actually very close to were I live. ❤️ And I must say knowing your neighborhood really has some advantages..

This week me and a friend were dropped at 3 am in the morning just somewhere by a boda boda guy (yup we did not take one from the stage since we did not see any and thought its the two of us anyway) So no idea if he wanted to rob us or what his idea was, but he said that he was without gasoline -which was not true – so drove a strange route and just dropped us somewhere, we needed to walk to my place for about 2,5 km…. But well luckily I knew where I was.. And now I got the phone number from a couple of boda guys who told me to call them even in the middle of the night if I need to go somewhere ?❤️??



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