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Rwandese photographer Jack Nkinzingabo visited 22STARS in Kampala and Jinja

This picture of @jack_yakubu1 is made by one of our Jinja girls, first time ever that she hold a camera and I must say she got some talent! 🙂 I took #JackNkinzingabo; the best photographer from Rwanda with me to Acholi Quarters and Jinja to show him my project here. Some super amazing pics came out of that! 
Jack’s story is also quite amazing; he never ever had held a camera in his life when his teacher in highschool asked who can work with a camera and wants to be in charge of the school project pictures. He looked around and none of the kids raised his hands, so he just raised his hand and said I know how a camera works, thinking by himself that he would figure that out along the way.. And so he did. After that he borrowed camera’s from friends and strangers for a few snaps. 

Say YES you’ll figure it out afterwards

Then he became the assistant of a photographer from a newspaper, and every time when they would like to stay longer at an event he asked them if he could bring the camera home and ‘play’ with it. So he got more practice and soon was a photographer himself. However he just got two years ago his first camera himself. 
Jack had met a 60 year old American man in Rwanda. He asked this man for a camera, who said no I cannot give you my camera and also was wondering what Jack could do with that. So jack said, i will become a photographer, give exhibitions and then come to America one day. So they stayed in touch and one day, two years ago, jack received an email from this man. Jack thought he was dreaming. The email said; what is your address, I want to send you a camera. And so it happened. Jack got his first camera ever, and he gave the first solo exhibition as a Rwandese in Rwanda and has also exhibited in Mali and India; and this end of summer he is going to exhibit in Germany!! He is also giving back his talent by teaching street children how to use a camera. So stay tuned about this young talent! ?

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