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Sneak Preview: Men’s collection

Sneak Preview: Men’s collection

So you thought jewellery was only for women and men should keep things conservative only wearing a watch and a ring? Boy were you wrong! These days men can wear all sorts of jewellery like pendants, bracelets or rings. However… it is very important that a man knows how to make the right statement with his accessories. Is it for a formal occasion or a more casual situation? We have both styles in our men’s jewellery collection, inspired by adventure, nostalgia and creativity.

We renewed the leather, surf bead kind of jewellery by teaming them with our paper beads in incredible natural colours. And we took it a bit further by making bracelets that are smart: for the sophisticated man in suit! We took design elements from antiques and interpreted them in new ways. This makes our collection a little bit out of the ordinary and that extra bit special. Have a look at our inspiration board to get a feeling of what is waiting for you.

Inspiration Moodboard for the Mens's Collection

For the sources of the pictures used in the moodboard, have a look at our PINTEREST boards.

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