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Social Workation Uganda for Digital Nomads Program

The social workation: what to expect day to day

Week 1 of the social workation in Kampala

SUNDAY week 1: After your arrival at Entebbe Airport, hop on arranged transport to the nomad house in Kampala. Meet the 22STARS crew, get your welcome package including a local simcard with 5GB and settle in.

SUNDAY: This is your first day at the social workation. After your arrival at Entebbe Airport, hop on arranged transport to the  nomad house in Kampala. Meet the 22STARS crew, get your welcome package including a local simcard with 5GB internet and settle in. 



MONDAY: The next day of the social workation we will start with a welcome ceremony, followed by a city tour in which you will learn more about Uganda’s history. For the party animals: there is a reggae party at night. Kampala is a big city that never sleeps!


TUESDAY: After breakfast hop on a boda boda (motorbike) or take a taxi towards the Acholi Quarter slum in Kampala to visit the 22STARS women. You will learn more about their needs and how to make an impact. We will cook, eat and dance together. In the evening relax at the nomad house and later at night join us towards Kabalagala: the local nightlife street of Kampala.

WEDNESDAY: Today we will have our first mastermind session, which is open for free for local entrepreneurs and start-ups. The groups will help you and your group members to achieve success. They will offer you a combination of brainstorming, education, peer accountability and support to sharpen your business and personal skills. In the evening we will enjoy live music at Bubbels.

THURSDAY: We start the day of the social workation with some free time to either rest or get work done. After lunch we will go to the Acholi Quarter slum and visit several schools where the 22STARS kids are going to. If you already sponsor children of us, this is the day you can meet them! After dinner we will go to Big Mikes for live music.

FRIDAY: We gather together for our second mastermind session. What are you working on? And what are your goals for the next weeks? In the evening let’s go to the cinema, or if you like to watch a movie at home we suggest “Queen of Katwe”. This film is a very inspiring story about a girl living in the slums of Kampala who escaped poverty.

SATURDAY: The OFFLINE weekend will start, which is included in the ticket price. We rent the cars for you with Roadtripuganda.com and self-drive towards the Murchison Falls National park, which is about 5 hours’ drive. We provide you with all necessary camping gear! In the afternoon will hike to the waterfall, sit together around a fire, hear wild animals roaring around us, connect with nature and sleep under the stars.

SUNDAY: We cross the river of the national park to start exploring the northern side which is full with wild animals. You will see elephants, deer, zebra, giraffes, hippos, crocodiles, all sorts of birds and if you are lucky even lions. We end the day with a sunset cruise on the Nile river.


WEEK 2 of the social workation in Kampala

MONDAY: If you have not woken up yet by the sound of the hippos, we will wake you up for a morning game drive to search for the lions. After lunch we drive 5 hours back to Kampala. Who still has energy at night can join us for the reggae party and show us your best dance moves during the second week of the social workation. 

TUESDAY: You thought you had seen Kampala in a week? Boy, were you wrong, we all will get on bikes and discover more hidden parts of this interesting city. In the evening join us for drinks at the Kabalagala street and eat a ROLEX! No Kampala experience is complete without having tasted some of Ugandans rich street foods.

WEDNESDAY: Prepare for the third mastermind session that we will have this afternoon. Share with us a resource you believe others would appreciate, tell us about what goes well in your business and what you still need help with. In the evening, we eat together at Que Pasa; tacos and tequila for everyone!

THURSDAY: We meet up with the 22STARS women in the Acholi Quarter and show you how to make jewellery from recycled paper. You will make some bracelets yourselves and we encourage you to engage with our group members and share your skills. After lunch we head back to the nomad house. In the evening, join us for our small pool competition in Capital Pub.

FRIDAY: Today is our fourth mastermind session. How much progress did you make? Did you found the connections you needed? In the evening let’s go to the cinema, or if you like to watch a movie at home we suggest the “Last King of Scotland”. The film tells the fictional story of a young Scottish doctor who travels to Uganda and becomes the personal physician of President Idi Amin.

SATURDAY:  Today is your day! Get up early or sleep as long as you want. You can get some work done, and have a good coffee at Prunes cafe, where the weekly farmers market will take place. After that, go to the beach of Victoria Lake to watch the local fishermen.




SUNDAY: Sunday Fun day! Every Sunday the 22STARS kids come together in our office in the Acholi Quarters to eat and play. We will join them and we will also say goodbye to the 22STARS women in Kampala, as the next day we will be heading towards Jinja.


WEEK 3 of the social workation in Jinja

MONDAY: After breakfast, we leave with all our things to Jinja, the outdoor activities town of Eastern Uganda, where our second part of the social workation takes place. It will be a 2 to 3 hour drive and we are going to stay in Bujagali, 8 km away from Jinja. This beautiful spot at the lake is perfect to relax and reflect on the past two weeks. After lunch we go on a city tour around Jinja and discover the source of the Nile by boat.

TUESDAY: You will soon realize that this spot is perfect to start the day with a yoga session. After that take the opportunity to go on one of the many adventures that Jinja has to offer: go horseback riding, wild water rafting, mountain biking or bungee jumping.



WEDNESDAY: Have a fresh smoothie and begin the day with yoga and meditation. In the afternoon, we will go to the Danida slums, one of the poorest areas of Jinja where 22STARS has their second project. You soon will realize that this slum is very different from the Kampala. The women have a different cultural background and speak another language. In the evening, we will have typical Ugandan food with a local family.


THURSDAY: Yoga! And then off to our fifth mastermind session with some new faces from the Jinja entrepreneur/startup scene! Share with us the successes and failures you had while starting your business. Also, some of our 22STARS women in Jinja run small businesses, let’s brainstorm and see how to help them growing. In the evening, we go to Lantern for some candlelight dinner next to the lake. The sound at night will amaze you.


FRIDAY: Watch the sunrise over Bujagali lake and practice new yoga moves. In case you could not do all your favourite outdoor activities last Tuesday, no worries, today is another chance. So, no excuse for not having enough time to go bungee jumping. At night we will discover Jinja’s nightlife and check out “The Office” bar which is the place to be.

SATURDAY:  Starting the day with a swim in lake Bujagali and yoga is the best way to wake up. We will have our final mastermind session and do a wrap-up of what we have achieved the past three weeks. After our Uganda workation stay connected with the group through our exclusive FB community and continue using Google docs to share your business progress. At 17.00 we will cruise the Nile to see the sunset, followed by the closing ceremony.

SUNDAY: Sunday morning we will visit the 22STARS women in the Danida slums and experience a local church session with them. After this hop on your transport to the airport or continue your journey in Uganda. We are more than happy to help you with road trip arrangements or host you a bit longer and have you around for our projects. This is a goodbye of the social workation, but a hello to the 22STARS community, accessible from wherever you are!

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