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Sponsor a child

Education is the key

When a child gets an education it is able to get a bright future and see their dreams come true. When a child goes to school, it will not need to work in the stone quarry anymore and beg in the streets for food. It will have access to jobs, will be able to earn an income, escape child marriage, early pregnancies and be better educated about their health in order to avoid illnesses such as HIV contradiction. Education is the key to fight poverty and deceases. We are working with communities who fled from the war in Northern Uganda to areas in Kampala and Jinja and live in extreme poverty. Many children lost their parents and those who still have them cannot afford to send them to school.

22STARS Foundation is a Public Benefit Foundation, founded by Stella Airoldi in The Netherlands after she met Susan Laker and Aidah Wafula in 2009. Susan is the best example of the impact an Education can make on one persons life and their community! We use Education, Entrepreneurship and Local leadership to empower children and their families to rise above poverty. We created within our sponsorship program long-term sponsorships for 310+ children in Uganda and also run several community development initiatives including a Nutrition Project, Livelihood Project, Eye-Care and Health Project and our holistic After School Project and Small Business Training and Micro Loans Project for 65+ families.

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