Sponsor a child


❤ ETHAN IS SPONSORED BY ANDREA MORGENSTERN ❤ This little 5 year old boy listens to the name of Ethan Yeshua Solomon wafula. Thanks to his parents David and Aidah, who were counceling Hiv positive women in the Acholi Quarter in Kampala we got to meet many women in the Acholi Quarter. For a new job David had to move to Jinja, however they are still coming to Acholi Quarter to see how the women are doing. Life has been very challenging for Ethan’s parents, as he also has three sisters and his parents are also taking care of their cousins who lost their parents and are struggling with illnesses. Ethan is going to baby class and he loves children. He is very smart and speaks already several languages; therefore he is going to an international school. He says he would like to become an accountant.